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Grand Teton National Park Set 4 - Animals
Grand Teton National Park Set 4 - Animals

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We are JACK and SUSAN DAVIS , owners of Olde America Antiques and American Quilt Blocks in Bozeman, Montana. We began collecting in the 1970s and founded Olde America Antiques in 1988. Our business has evolved from antique postcards and ephemera into a fine art printing company that produces high-quality prints on cloth.

Susan Davis has a background in graphic design and quilting. She has created several categories of original quilt block designs, including HOMETOWN HEROES , AWARENESS and SPECIAL DAYS , QUILTING and QUILT SAYINGS , BABY BOOMERS and the 1960s , CHALKBOARD DESIGNS , and QUILTED SILHOUETTES .

Susan Davis has also created a series of original quilt block designs to pay tribute to the NATIONAL PARK SERVICE . These are the first quilt blocks created specifically for the National Park Service.

Susan has also created new, original quilt block designs for all 50 STATES . Each of these designs is unique with a distinct color combination, the name of the state, and a matching border to enhance the overall design. The style of these designs is American Arts and Crafts.

Susan was a member of the Montana Historic Quilt Project in 1987. She is one of the Montana quilters featured in the book "Border to Border: Historic Quilts and Quiltmakers of Montana" by Annie Hanshew.

Susan and her husband, Jack, founded Olde America Antiques in 1988 with a focus on national park postcards and ephemera. This business evolved from antiques to a fine art printing company in 1998. Susan always wanted to produce national park images on cloth for quilters. The technology for high-quality 8-color printing on cloth is a recent development. Susan and Jack were among the first to produce genuine 8-color giclee prints on cloth starting in 2005.

Susan’s passion for collecting and her commitment to quilting resulted in this business. Susan and Jack amassed an extensive collection of vintage images from their history as collectors and international postcard dealers. They have been members of the IFPD (International Federation of Postcard Dealers) for the past 25 years and have acquired vintage postcards and ephemera from dealers throughout the world. They are both authorities on antique postcards and ephemera and are consultants to the Heritage and Research Center for Yellowstone National Park .

Jack, Sue and the Pugs.

The quilt blocks they produce are READY-TO-SEW. They are NOT TRANSFERS.

The old transfer process resulted in hard and brittle quilt blocks that were virtually impossible to quilt through. The old transfers were labor intensive and difficult to work with. These quilt blocks are soft and easy to work with. The color reproduction is also superior to the old iron on transfers. The quilt produced by Jack and Susan are among the finest on the market today.

The Davis collection of images includes a wide range of designs and topics. This web site currently has more than 5,000 images listed for sale. The main categories are Quilt Blocks All Topics A to Z, National Parks and Monuments, and United States. New images are added each month. The quilt blocks are available in sets or as single quilt blocks. You can choose any of the images in different sizes.

Olde America Antiques and American Quilt Blocks are family businesses with a focus on quality and personal service. Satisfaction is guaranteed on all the products.

Susan and Jack Davis are pioneers in developing and producing 8-color giclee fine art prints on cloth. Giclee printing is a recently developed printing process that utilizes high resolution digital scanning and new, sophisticated inkjet technology to reproduce detailed, accurate images and artwork. The inks used are archival quality, resulting in colors that are brighter and longer lasting than prints made by traditional printing methods. The colors we are able to produce on cloth are bright and vibrant and the image reproduction is excellent. We use the latest computer and software technology to create the finest prints on cloth possible. The cloth is 100 percent cotton sateen that is soft and easy to quilt. The quilt blocks are high-quality, easy to work with, and among the finest on the market today. 

Susan and Jack look forward to working with you and serving you any way we can. You are welcome to contact them with any requests or questions .

Thank you,
Jack and Susan Davis

406-587-0937 or